Petrochemical is the darkcore/industrial hardcore project on Genosha records. 

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Petrochemical Beanie 

Winter Hat
One size

Petrochemical Ladies Sports Top  

Women's Sports Top

Petrochemical Water (or Booze) Bootle 

Water Bottle
One size

Petrochemical Zipper Hoodie 

Men's Hooded Jacket

Petrochemical slim girlie tee 

Women's Ringer T-Shirt

Petrochemical Baseball Shirt 

Men’s Baseball T-Shirt

Petrochemical Workers Vest 

Work Vest

Petrochemical Girlie Hoodie 

Women's Hoodie

Petrochemical Singlet 

Women's Tank Top

Petrochemical Polo 

Men's Classic Polo Shirt

Petrochemical Slim Tee 

Men's Ringer Shirt

Petrochemical T-shirt (Glow in the dark) 

Men's T-Shirt

Petrochemical Hoodie 

Men's Hoodie

Petrochemical Singlet 

Women's Spaghetti Top

Petrochemical T-shirt 

Men's T-Shirt

Petrochemical sweater 

Men's Sweatshirt

Petrochemical BBQ apron 

Cooking Apron
One size